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Liddle Kidz Foundation Global offers hope to orphaned and abandoned children and their caregivers and changes lives through the power of touch
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Rachel Speranza | West Palm Beach, Florida | USA

Vietnam Volunteer Outreach | Volunteer Ambassador

Rachel SperanzaRachel Speranza is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Aromatherapist, Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist, and Certified Rainbow Kids Yoga Instructor. Ms. Speranza also inspires future massage therapists, as an Adjunct Massage Therapy Instructor at Palm Beach State College.

She earned a B.S. in Textile Design from Syracuse University and after years of working as a fabric purchaser in NYC, it became apparent that she was being lead to new endeavors and yearned for something else in her life.

Rachel SperanzaRachel became acquainted with “aromatherapy” after researching scents and there effect on the psyche. She completed a 200 hour diploma program at the Aromatherapy Institute in NYC and then took the Aromatherapy Registration Council exam in 2001.

Massage Therapy became the next logical progression for Rachel; she studied at the Academy of Healing Arts in Florida, and became Nationally Certified and Florida State Licensed in 2003.

Rachel began working at The Lane Spa for Wellness, combining her new love for bodywork with her passion for aromatherapy. She then, became certified in Lane Stone Therapy under the tutelage of Marcia Lane and it quickly became her signature modality, and went on to become a continuing education instructor. As a published writer in Sylla Sheppard Hanger’s “Aromatic Spa Book”, Rachel wrote about the profound usage of essential oils and hot stone massage.

Rachel Speranza

After Hurricane Katrina, Rachel traveled to the Mississippi Gulf Coast w/ the ERMI and UAE team for disaster relief as a volunteer massage therapist, providing 15 minute chair massages on first responders and FEMA employees. The idea of utilizing her beloved profession to do fieldwork suddenly became Rachel’s new life mission.

As her next volunteer experience, she traveled to Tibet for a medical mission w/ Innovative Humanitarian Solutions to perform therapeutic massage on the indigenous people who suffered from Kashin- Beck syndrome, a rare arthritic disease. While in Tibet, the team also visited many orphanages, as well as a blind school for children, and Rachel found herself “being” with the kids the greatest joy she ever experienced. This prompted Rachel to study Pediatric Massage (CPMT) and Infant Massage (CIMT) w/Tina Allen of Liddle Kidz, in the hopes of introducing healthy touch to children that may have been affected by trauma, children w/learning disabilities, and children w/ developmental issues.

Through her love and passion for children and teens, Rachel established onsite events called “Pampering With Purpose”, that brought healing touch, and mini-spa therapy events to camps for underprivileged children and state funded group homes. She went on to become certified in children’s yoga in the hopes of offering a union of nurturing touch w/ that of a yoga practice that focuses on fun, co- creation, and togetherness. It is through this natural gift and passion for kids, as well as being in the moment, that she captivates the young ones, and creates a safe, loving, environment for them.

Why do you feel you would be an asset to the Liddle Kidz Foundation volunteer team?

Through my previous volunteer experience, I have proven to work well as a member of a team, and do what it takes to uphold the core strength of that team. I am able to go with the flow, and able to adapt to change in the moment. I can also be a great leader if need be. I am a natural teacher, which provides me with great skill as an excellent communicator, as well as great listener. I LOVE children, and feel that I am able to relate to them in a most unconditional way. Any opportunity to enrich their physical, mental, or emotional lives is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Why would you like to participate in this outreach event?

I have been searching for a great opportunity to connect all my previous experiences of volunteering, and trainings in assisting the little ones. When I traveled to Tibet with a doctors group in 2007, we were able to visit a blind orphanage, as well as other orphanages which filled me up like no other life experience. I learned that just "being" with these kids, playing with them, and spreading hope and joy to them was everything that life is. That was a turning point for me as to what direction I wanted to focus my life's work in! Not only did I get an opportunity to give to them, but I too received so much. At that point I hadn't yet taken any specific children's massage classes, and now that I have specific training it would mean so much to be able to do this work for those that are in such great need. I also feel the opportunity to train the care givers to continue to provide nurturing touch after we depart is an amazing testament to this work!

Relevant qualifications and skills:

I completed the Pediatric Massage Certification with Liddle Kidz in 2009, and taken the Infant Massage course with Liddle Kidz in 2010. I have also recently become certified with Rainbow Kids Yoga. I have spent time volunteering abroad with a doctors group in Tibet where we visited orphanages, as well as locally with organizations like Honey Shine Camp empowerment for young girls, and Children's Home Society, and I am an Adjunct Massage Therapy Instructor for Palm Beach State College.


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