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Liddle Kidz Foundation Global offers hope to orphaned and abandoned children and their caregivers and changes lives through the power of touch
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Beka Veloza | Littleton, Colorado | USA

Philippines Volunteer Outreach | Volunteer Ambassador

Beka Veloza | Liddle Kidz Foundation Global AmbassadorRebekah Veloza (Beka) is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist practicing in the Denver Colorado area.

She is in the process of opening a private therapy clinic to focus on the many needs of pediatric clients and patients.

Beka Veloza | Liddle Kidz Foundation Global AmbassadorAlthough massage therapy school doesn’t necessarily teach pediatric massage in the curriculum, Beka attended a demonstration by one of her professors performing two pediatric massage sessions. At once, her prior plans to specialize in sports massage changed, and she became 100% certain that working with the pediatric  population was what she strived to do.

As the oldest of five children, Rebekah has had many years of experience helping take care of her younger siblings.  So, when she thought of working with infants and children in her practice it just seemed to be a natural fit and a meaningful career path for her.

While still attending massage therapy school, she discover Tina Allen and the Liddle Kidz Foundation.  Upon this discovery, she immediately registered for the pediatric massage certification course, and promptly applied to be considered a Liddle Kidz Foundation Global Ambassador to the Philippines.

Beka Veloza | Liddle Kidz Foundation Global AmbassadorSome of Beka’s other passions include music, soccer, learning new things, having interesting conversations, and traveling. A recent newlywed, Beka and her wife, Justine will spend their honeymoon participating in the Global Outreach to the Philippines.

She is excited to begin her massage therapy career and put her caring, nurturing touch to work making a difference in the lives of others. Throughout school, Beka has began educating others on the benefits of massage, especially to parents of younger children.

It is her goal that after this outreach trip to the Philippines, she will be much more equipped to help others in benefiting from the power of touch.

Why do you feel you would be an asset to the Liddle Kidz Foundation volunteer team?

After witnessing my massage teacher provide pediatric massage, I literally came home, bought Tina Allen's book (A Modern Day Guide to Massage for Children) and started researching pediatric massage therapy opportunities. I came across the Liddle Kidz Foundation and have been hooked ever since!  I am 100% dedicated to helping change lives via massage therapy focusing on the pediatric population.

Why would you like to participate in this outreach event?

Ever since I was young and helping take care of my 5 younger siblings, I have had a passion for working with kids. When I met my wife 3 years ago, she is a physical therapist, I began to take a greater interest in the medical field and decided to go to massage therapy school. I instantly knew that that working with children using massage therapy was my passion.  To be able to provide touch therapy for infants and children,and educate their caregivers is an ideal opportunity for me.  I  love passing on the power of touch.


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There are millions of infants and children worldwide who are struggling to live to their fullest potential.  Would you like an opportunity to bring nurturing touch and pediatric massage to orphaned and displaced children around the globe?

Do you wish to share your skills with children who are affected by Cerebral Palsy, AIDS/HIV, landmines, Agent Orange, developmental disabilities, genetic birth defects, mental and emotional trauma?

Just ask yourself . . . can one person make a difference?

Take this moment to make a difference in the life of a child. 

Apply now to be part of our next international volunteer team . . .you too, can be a Liddle Kidz Global Ambassador!


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Liddle Kidz Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization that uses the power of touch to reach the world’s most vulnerable children with experiences of appropriate nurturing touch that they often lack.   We collaborate with caregivers and healthcare professionals to raise awareness of the practice and benefits of nurturing touch for children.

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