Thank you for taking the first step to being a volunteer with Liddle Kidz Foundation Global. Our volunteers are from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds and are from around the globe.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the Volunteer Application below so that we may learn more about the AMAZING you.

Personal Information

Skills / Qualifications

I understand that I am submitting this application in relation to the Liddle Kidz Foundation overseas Global Outreach Program. Information contained in this application will be kept confidential.

There are costs associated with these overseas outreach trips and it is my responsibility to fundraise or pay for these costs if accepted as a member of the LKF overseas outreach team (payment schedule detailed in volunteer agreement)

If accepted as amember of the LKF overseas outreach team, please be prepared to:

* Supply LKF with a 200/300 word bio on yourself
* Supply LKF with a few pictures to be used on LKF team member webpage
* Complete volunteer member form agreement and return with $500 deposit which will be applied to your trip cost
* Submit background check form (LKF supplied)
* Set-up fundraising page as directed by LKF (details provided in volunteer info package)
* Liddle Kidz Foundation reserves the right to ask additional questions as deemed appropriate during review and selection process